~Listen!!! Ths s*** is so damn good. My head is still spinning. If you've never been in tuned with yourself, you gone learn today!!! It will definitely have you tapped out. 


~Man oh man tap out is real....I felt like a porn star. We had to sleep in the guest bedroom bc my wifey drenched the sheets and bed! You got a good thing! I can't wait until tonight! My dick stayed rock hard even after 2 nuts for me and I'm not even sure how many for the wifey!!! Amazing Amazing!

~Frienddddddd!!!! Remember you told me to hold off on the sippin, I forgot. So then I thought about it and couldn't use the oil. Well somebody kept aggravating me all last night and I know him, he'll take some s*** to make him go all night without coming and he was getting the best of me. I said f*** this and put some Tap Out on his ass. He didn't know what hit him he came so fast LOL. Thank you friend. I got something for his ass now. 

~Tap Out is fye! She said it was warming and made her extra sensitive. I ate the p**** and she damn near bit the pillow in half cause she couldn't stop coming. She said she loved when I licked and blew on it. She turned on the fan and air blew cross and started nutting so she tossed the sheet over her and that sensation started her again! 

~Let's just say after being with the same person for over 7 years the sex can become boring. U know every move they are going to put on you & I like to try to spice things up..from the moment I applied Tap Out I instantly felt a warm sensation like a true aphrodisiac..I applied it without my husband knowing..but from the moment he entered my body he had to feel that Tap Out..cause he tapped this ass good..took me back to the beginning of our relationship & reminded me why I fell in love with the dick! I overly love Tap Out & have told my friends about it.

~Girllllll let me just tell you...I experienced multiple orgasms tonight! I don't know what you put in this elixir but baby my p**** thank you. I'll be ordering a big bottle tomorrow. Whew chile!!! I will sleep good tonight. Update: Good morning. I slept so good I was slobbering on my pillows. Had to put the pillow cases in the washer this morning. Girlllll whew chile. Abolutely amazing stuff!!!!

~Soo I decided to apply it for like two days and see if I felt anything before I put it into action lol! So last night while watching tv it stood up and was hard as chinese arithmetic out of the blue lol. I was like aww s*** it's time to get to it, so I went in the room and my girl was in the bed so I told her to let me get some of that cat. And when I tell you it was the most awesome experience ma'am I tell ya! I never have a problem lasting for a while and I must say tis s*** is the truth. I was standing up in it like THOR! I highly recommend this s***right here. It gets 5 stars from me. 

~I used it with my husband and he tried to kill me by biting me to death because my p**** and ass was so good he lost control of his mind lol. And I squirted before we even had sex! I've been using it in my asshole too. 

~Wow! The experience I had was mind blowing and well needed. I been looking for a while for a product that would benefit me and my partner. The warm sensation and throbbing was on point and the orgasms were coming back to back. I highly recommend your product to other people because it works! Not only for your need of pleasure but for relaxation as well. It was phenomenal! Thanks again! 

~Hey friend I guess you got a customer for life. I was told last night I need to keep some of that s***! The smell is hypnotizing and feels so good! 

~You created some real s***!!! I have never ever squirted like that. I went off into space when my ass did recover I was in a lake! I was joking about buying a boat. S*** I needed one! I didn't even know I could cum like that. This Tap Out is on a whole new level! You always come with something new but WE weren't ready for this one. Anybody that has not tried Tap Out has not reached their MAX. I'm just speechless! Daaammmm. Got to have it! I'm still f**** up! 

~Let's put it like this...Whooo'Lawd!!!! Lol...I'll be contacting you soon for more!!! So...not sure how much I used (2-3 sprays)...However, I noticed I was "stronger" (increased blood flow like I was on steroids)...What won me over was when I thought I was "done"...I still had 30 mins of "strength" left. She asked. "Did you smoke something, or take something" lol.

~Ok...finally found time to try it. Whew honey I believe I've broke my clit. I'm sure it's looking at my hand and fingers and considering a cease and desist letter or a divorce. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It's addictive!

~So let me tell you about my night...I waited until my husband took his shower. Once he got in the shower I sprayed a generous amount of Tap Out. I wanted to get the full pleasure lol. Then I rubbed it on my p****. I started feeling a warm tingling sensation as soon as I started rubbing it in. I was like WHOA! My husband got out of the shower and said you ready to go to bed. I said YES! He started rubbing on me down there and I started getting more and more aroused! I was like WOW this stuff really works! I have taken pills and they've done nothing for me. Once I got my orgasm it was like I got a double orgasm at one time! It felt good. My husband said you need to make a gallon of this stuff. I'm ready for a second round tonight!

~I had to be to work at 11am and not going to sleep until 4am made me decide u need to put a warning sticker on that bottle lady!! 

~I have more improvement on playing...way softer skin down there and no pain from play...unfortunately my Os are still not quite right but I'm 100% positive that w this product and being able to use those muscles I will be able to work on this and heal completely in a short amount of time..u need to get this product out to women like me with severe menopause trouble. It's a game changer...way better than Premarin cream which had zero effect and is highly dangerous for people who have had cancer.

~Omg I used it tonight!!! I didn't know what to do or what to expect. I was like babe let's try something tonight. He didn't know what it was but he was down lol. It's been bout a week so he was ready for anything lol. So I put the whole damn sample down there. It was very nice and slippery. Idk wtf it did with him but I'm already dealing with a Stallion! He lasted longer than normal. If felt like it was throbbing my kitty and the Orgasm was off the chain!! I had been puffin so it was even more amazing! The smell is like Aroma Therapy. We had a great experience doing this together. I'm still feeling in the mood. We may just go for another round! 

~That Tap Out is named correctly! She tapped out after about 20 min. She was begging for more. We continued for a good hour. It kept me hard the entire duration. We lost count on how many orgasms she had. I have to talk to you on  the phone it's so much to tell you. Thank you. FYI she's sleeping right now lol.

~Well...I'm kinda at a loss of words..Sorta. First I must say the fragrance is so intoxicating. The smell alone is pure ecstasy. It reinvigorated all my senses. I felt like my 20 something self again. Like all the passion I thought was locked away and gone, all of a sudden came flooding back like the Hoover Dam cracked wide open! It ain't no going back now. The awakening of my senses was truly a beautiful thing.  

~The way my skin feels down there is AMAZING this morning! I have atrophy and some serious stuff caused by surgery and scar tissue (really tough stuff) and it IS miraculous to feel it silky and smooth the morning after applying something!! My case is very severe but I'm gonna use it more than once a day and I'm very hopeful to see what happens after a few days to weeks!!! I really think based on how it went w 1 application that this product WILL be a game changer for's supply?? I don't want to run out and I want to use it liberally..I did not notice the "hot" sensation but I have severe nerve damage and they're healing...they been itching worse than poison ivy and I'm not experiencing any itching since applying the Tap Out...Dr says the itching (it's deep inside the scars so not on top of skin like a rash) is those nerves rejuvenating & healing so although very bothersome it's a good thing. 

~Gooooooooootdamn! That mf Tap Out!!!! I put 7 squirts on my dick, massaged it in, didn't even squirt none on her...put the dick in...went to stroking that p****! She came sooooooooooo hard! Told me that's the best orgasm she EVER HAD! So I took my dick out and went to blowing on that p****, and she came twice within 2 minutes!! I'm gon squirt some more on this dick later and make her ass break a orgasm record. 

~So when I got my Tap Out from, I started my cycle same day. So being that I wear tampons and I don't flow heavy, I started spraying it down below to get ready for game day. It does feel really warm and gives you a relaxed feeling. However I didn't indulge in myself. So my man is pretty good with  knowing when I'm in the clear and he can get some ass. But this time I dragged it out a extra day so I can really use the oil in the proper manner. And hunny if I didn't love my man I would definitely be getting rid of his ass. Tap Out is effective and enough!!! So the next night, I took my shower right before he came home. I sprayed some Tap Out down below. Hell, I sprayed my nipples too! Lol. Once he came out the shower I was already anxious cause I haven't had dick in a couple days and using your product intensified my urge. I felt like my p**** had a heartbeat lol. So my man loves handjobs and head so of course I had to get him right first before I saddled up and rode that dick. I typically use some store bought lube for his handjob but I mixed it with a decent amount of Tap Out this time. And boy he was in heaven he knew something was different and he enjoyed it. When it was showtime and I was ready to take my seat. Lights, Camera, Action!!! It was a wrap!! I love having sex with my man but this definitely turnt it up a notch on both our ends. It really awakens the pheromones!!!! That's some good s*** lol. 

~Alriiiiight I gotta give some honest feedback on Tap Out & Yoni Wash. Starting at the very beginning, I gotta admit as Dr. Tap Out himself, I got this product as a challenge. Me vs Tap Out. I wasn't sure if this product would be something I would say EVERY MAN NEEDED TO HAVE LOL but it is the product that EVERY MAN NEEDS TO HAVE. I've given women 20+ orgasms in a night more times than I can count, and truth be told folks stop counting around 9-12 and I'm ONLY saying that to say...I've never seen a woman hit 12 orgasms AS FAST and AS HARD as I witnessed after I used Tap Out. Shorty hit 8 orgasms in less than 6 minutes and I was damn sure keeping track like wtf is this s***! After the Yoni Wash and Tap Out combo, my mouth alone delivered 12 of the hardest orgasms I've ever witnessed. I'm used to getting my hair pulled while eating the box...but I sweaaaarrrr taaa God it felt like the hulk was about to pull all my damn hair out. Does this product give women super strength too? Thighs squeezed my damn head so hard each orgasm, I don't know how I'm still alive to tell you this. I was getting begged for a break and begged to keep going at the same time. Squirming, shivering, convulsions, running, screaming, begging, pleading...This s*** is a f*** cheat code okay? CHEAT CODE! This here is sorcery. I feel like homie from the 5 Heart Beats when he hit that OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH and she pass out before he even start lol.